Ian Chuter: Group Operations Director betfair

At a time of great change we were looking to put the focus back on the customer and improve our people performance. Andy demonstrated from day one that these were his great passions and stood out amongst his peers as someone who was serious about doing better.

Haydn Bratt: Retail Development Manager at William Hill

Andy Hall is a first class leader with a real passion for his people. He really strives to connect with those with whom he works – whether they be colleague or line report and always strives to create an environment where others can perform at their best. he is a natural coach and has been a first class supporter of the People Development strategy within William Hill – taking an active role as a supporter and sponsor for many of the programs and initiatives delivered in our business. 

Andy lives and breathes service – in everything he does. He actively works with his teams to ensure that they understand the drivers of great service and focuses his efforts on providing his teams with the tools to deliver. 

Above all Andy is a genuine man who is passionate about everything he gets involved in.

Stuart Wright: District Operations Manager at William Hill

Andy has vast experience of leading teams in the retail world and uses this to great effect whilst not being afraid to introduce new approach’s in order for his team to be the best at whatever they are focused on. 
He is an extremely customer focused leader (internally and externally) who leads his team by focusing on the the team delivering the right behaviours. 
He believes in trust and simplicity and has an ability to engage with his team members through building relationships with them. 
Results are very important but also important is obtaining the result the right way – Andy sets the bar and empowers and energises his team to deliver as a team and not just individually. 
He is emotionally intelligent and uses his skills in this area to get the best out of those who work for him. 
Andy is not just a manager he is a leader who always strives to learn and grow from his experience.

Neale Edwards: Regional People Manager at Gala Coral Group

Andy is an inspirational leader who has the fantastic ability to identify and release the individual talent in those who are part of his team or he mentors. Andy challenges you to be the best you can be and deliver an exceptional performance. Being part of a team that Andy leads is to be part of something special that delivers results and engages the individuals involved. High challenge and high support are part of Andy’s performance management style and there is always room to celebrate success

Tony Williams: Area Operations Manager at William Hill

I have worked for Andy for the past 18 months or so and it is without exception that I can say that to me Andy defines the word ‘leadership’… 

I have personally benefited greatly from Andy’s coaching and mentoring; I have also grown immensely as a Leader under Andy’s guidance and stewardship, which given my personal starting point, is testament to the skills Andy has and uses to mold his people and his team. 

I would also like to add that, in my opinion, it is extremely rare in today’s work place to find a line manager that is not just interested in your results – but also – really interested in you and prepared to spend their time, effort and resources helping you develop yourself; with Andy this comes as second nature and (importantly) it is genuine and sincere. 

I enjoyed every second working with Andy, because the terminology of ‘high challenge/high support’ is how Andy does business, which in turn creates a brilliant ‘can-do’ team environment – without a ‘blame culture’, with loads of infectious energy, support for all and clear leadership/direction. 

In short; a great man with high personal and people values


Over the past 5 years we have engaged with Andy is a number of his Senior Leadership functions.  We have always admired some of the great qualities he possesses.  Andy has this unique blend of humility mixed with edge. 

Over the last two years we have had the pleasure of working with him in his current function at William Hill, there have been a couple of noticeable things that during these interventions that truly captured the essence of Andy: 

- Firstly his ability to understand his team and the business from a series of perceptual perspectives, coupling strategic thinking and his ability to create and harness not only the conception of a vision but the ability to see it through to business reality. 

- Secondly Andy follows the right elements of business applying focus and energy that drives continuous results and improvements whilst doing it through the right values and behaviours.   

Overall Andy has this natural blend of ‘Level 5 Leadership’ [Good 2 Great: Jim Collins] of true humility mixed with this edge that demonstrates great leadership and great leadership coaching.  

An incredible modern businessman.

Jorge Benlloch: DIRECTOR DE OPERACIONES en Soriana

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Andy for almost three years. He is above all a leader, able to run his team with passion, enthusiasm and engagement. People and results oriented and is always looking for the best performances in people and adds huge contribution to the business and his team. Always supporting me and giving added value.

Simon Birch: Head of Retail at Love2Shop (Park Retail Group)

I worked with Andy as Regional HR Business Partner for two years and as a direct report as Area Sales Manager for a year. 

Andy’s key strength is his people skills. He has level five leadership and extremely high emotional intelligence, which he uses to his advantage in gaining trust, respect and results. 

Andy gains his results through people and is a perfect example of a true leadership model as he empowers his people to make decisions, encourages them to take ownership, whilst providing high support and challenge at the same time. One of the many positive outputs of this style are that his direct reports and teams show a huge amount of loyalty and desire to succeed. 

Andy invests a huge amount of time into both his own and his peoples personal development to enable both him and them to grow and fulfill their potential and as he has a natural talent for coaching people, his advise and guidance is always respected and acted upon. 

Andy’s vision for his Divisions and Regions have always been about achieving results through people and he has consistently achieved these objectives. 

I was fortunate to be able to work along side Andy during an extremely successful two years, where through Andy’s results and leadership style he changed the ways of working, culture and direction of the business across the whole of the UK estate. Senior management wanted to understand what he was doing differently to achieve such outstanding results, and adopted many of his methods and values into the fabric of the business. 

Any people focused, results driven organisation, would hugely benefit from having Andy’s talents as part of their business. Especially in environments were employee satisfaction; change management and engagement are key strategic objectives for growth

Martin Longdon: MD The Coaching Hothouse (Global) Ltd

Andy and I worked together in the United States when he was a Regional Vice President in my Operations team at WHSmith USA Inc.. Andy was handpicked for the role to provide challenge, focus and motivation to a young and rapidly expanding operational team; a role that he delivered extremely well. He quickly built a higher performing, customer focused retail team by setting high expectations and coaching his people to continually and consistently improve their performance. Andy concentrated on both the people and the processes to improve the customer experience at a reducing cost, thereby making a positive impact to the “bottom line”. Andy is an experienced leader and retailer and I would be delighted to recommend him.

Alex Nairn: Independent coach, facilitator

Every company needs an Andy Hall. In WH Smith I was fortunate to have him work directly for me on three occasions and he never failed to deliver above and beyond what was required of him – both quantitatively and qualitatively. Put simply Andy is an excellent general manager who can create a team, drive them to outstanding results and do this with consistently high morale. 

But of course focusing on your own area isn’t enough nowadays and Andy also builds good relationships and contributes extremely strongly to all of the multi-disciplined teams that operate around him. When marketing or buying etc. needed an operational input Andy was the first port of call. 

Finally, he is totally trustworthy and he was a constant source of support and advice to me on the most delicate of matters. 

Solid judgment, focused on delivery and a team player. Every company needs several Andy Halls




Tamzin Ford: HP and Business Owner

I worked with Neale as a business partner for over 8 years, in that time Neale was always focused on the right thing to drive sales for HP and ensure consumers had a great experience within the Retail estate that I managed. Neale was extremely team focused and fought hard to ensure the right resources were available for the team to win. His coaching skills are focused and driven, his positivity is contagious which encourages  the best out of his clients, team and friends. The knowledge Neale possesses on HR, Retail, Trade and field management would be a real asset to any client.

Andrew Wright: Area Manager Coral

Neale is a dedicated HR professional that is commercially focused and delivers the key business objectives. Through coaching and supporting, Neale helps individuals reach their potential; delivering real value to the organisation. Neale is intelligent, people focused and extremely knowledgeable in his field. With a natural coaching style, Neale has the ability to get the very best out of those he works with. Personally speaking, Neale has supported me to success by coaching me in a variety of situations. He listens, questions you and gets into the detail enabling you to reach the desired result on your own merit.  He has excellent presentation skills, always the professional and brings fun to learning. His infectious positivity when presenting to a larger audience or coaching to a smaller group/121, immediately captures his audiences’ attention to ensure full engagement.  I’m proud to have worked with Neale and hope to do so in the future.

Simon Birch: Head of Retail Park Group

I find Neale to be pragmatic, realistic and honest. Coaching comes naturally to Neale and with his former careers in Operations and HR Management, he has a unique ability to understand both business and people challenges and guide people to successful conclusions. On many occasions I have watched Neale inspire others, by ask them searching questions and encouraging the individual to achieve their goals, by sharing with them his belief in their ability to achieve great things.

JoAnn Fajyerty: Coral Racing

Neale is very passionate about his role within any business and and uses his natural coaching skills to bring everyone working together,  while he strives to create a comfortable learning environment for all.  Neale is a brilliant coach, who can bring the very best out in all, because of his natural, friendly style. Neale is the ultimate professional, who brings an infectious happiness and enjoyment to all he does.

Paul Fajyerty: Coral Racing

Neale is a consummate professional, who supported me to deliver on every level.  He is the life and soul of any training session, with an infectious desire to inspire all delegates and promote a creative enjoyable training / coaching experience. Neale is passionate about his coaching and strives to support all colleagues.  Neale puts everyone at ease in every project he participates in.

Tim Coates: The Real Leadership Company

Neale is always the professional HR business partner with meticulous attention to detail, which has always served the business well. He is dedicated to providing the very best standard albeit with a caring and conscientious approach to colleagues. I’ve always found Neale to be a great resource of support, great fun to be around socially and an asset to the companies that he has worked for.

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