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Why am I here?
What is my purpose?
What am I supposed to be doing?

These are ageless questions.
Some people don’t believe there is a purpose and that doesn’t mean they won’t find their purpose, it only means it will take a little longer for them.

To learn what your purpose is, you must first remove all the chatter from your mind. Most of us were taught false purposes or worse yet that we have no purpose.
Having an open mind will allow this process to work more quickly.
It is as simple a process as you make it to be.
The more resistant you are the longer it will take to unearth your purpose.

To find your purpose:
1. Gather a blank piece of paper and a pen (or use a computer)
2. Write at the top of the paper – My true purpose
3. Write the first answer that enters your mind. It doesn’t matter what that answer is and it doesn’t matter if it is a complete thought – just start to write.
4. Repeat this process with every answer that enters your mind until you reach that one answer that moves you to tears.
5. That will be your true purpose.

This process is simple. And the more open minded you are the faster you will uncover your true purpose.

For some it will be quick – for others it may take hours or days.
For most, the first 20 minutes will simply be your mind clearing of clutter, and then the magic begins.
Your answer will be coming from the source. This source will be beyond you.
It will be what moves you to clarity.

There may be times during this exercise that you want to quit.
You may have written 100 different answers and think you will never get to the true purpose but trust that you will.
Stay at it, if some answers conjure emotion – highlight them but keep moving forward. Don’t stop until you come to that one true purpose and you will know it when you write it.

You will find that uncovering your purpose will be the easiest part. Living it is what will define you. This is a very powerful exercise that has the ability to change your life.

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