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Depending on when you were born, technology could be your friend, your enemy or just an acquaintance.
Years ago, when computer screens were the size of the average smartphone and one had to have an advanced degree to figure out how to turn 0s and 1s into actual functions, most of us would have left technology to the experts.
But now, we have incredible access to enormous amounts of information and we have powerful machines that sit in the palm of our hands ready to do very complex tasks.

Technology is a part of our lives – it is in our cars, it is at our doctors’ offices, it is in our schools, it is in our televisions, our phones, our credit cards, and on and on.

So how do those of us who are inept and still have VHS VCRs blinking under our tubed TVS to embrace that which scares us, frustrates us, and forces us to ask our five year old neighbour how to make a phone call?

Take a deep breath.
Put down the hammer that you were about to use to smash the remote and realise that it is time to let go of 1955 and embrace the information era.
The Internet has every answer that ever was and ever will be at the touch of a few keystrokes.
Gone are the days of non-intuitive websites and browsers.
Welcome the age of being able to browse the world’s best libraries and view long lost footage of your favourite documentaries!

Technology doesn’t mean you have to buy the latest gadget or take a masters level course on programming your microwave.
Just like riding a bike, we all had to start with one foot on the pedal and one foot on the ground with the trust that we will overcome our fear of falling and will perfect balancing on two wheels.
Practice in the privacy of your own home – surf the net and see what the latest craze is on You Tube and Google a saying to see who really said it…

You have to Start!

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Worthy Ideal

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