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You set that lofty goal and you are ready to go for it but something holds you back. Something inside you says, hold on, what do you think you are doing?

Fear steps in and you become unsure of that goal now.
You aren’t ready!
This isn’t the time!
Tomorrow, yeah tomorrow is a better day!

It’s time to reboot and remove the uncertainty and fear.
Taking risks is part of life.
It is necessary to achieve new levels, to achieve goals.
If you want the most out of life, you will have to take risks and stretch yourself. Something worth having is also worth taking a risk for.

Here are 4 steps to help you as you navigate through taking risks:

1. Evaluate the risk. Before you begin, see the end in mind. Imagine achieving your goal, imagine the benefits and rewards. Keep your reason for wanting this in the forefront of your mind – know your ‘why’.
2. Know the obstacles. Identify what may get in your way and prepare yourself mentally so when you do come up against an obstacle, you are prepared.
3. Begin your journey. No more getting ready to get ready. It is time to start. It is time to take that first step forward.
4. Enjoy the journey. You may not hit your goal as quickly as you want and that is ok. If you achieve it too easily, it wasn’t a stretch for you.

Risk taking is a crucial part in achieving goals and living your dreams.
You cannot get from A to B without taking a step.
Sometimes there will be rocks in the road.
Keep the end in mind and you will glide through the process better equipped for the journey

You have to Start!

Many people get ready to get ready. Maybe you would like to learn to play the piano. You research teachers in your area and maybe even call around for appointments but then you stop short of setting up your first session. Why is this? Why is it so hard to get started? It’s very simple. Fear!
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Worthy Ideal

Webster defines “ideal” as a standard of perfection, beauty or excellence; an ultimate object or aim of endeavour. A worthy ideal is more than a goal - it is that which inspires the soul to move onward and upward to a greater awareness of the sheer beauty and abundance of life - real life.
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