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Stress gets a bad rap.
But there is positive stress, called Eustress.
This is that adrenaline rush you get that helps you finish that project on time.
It is that feeling of excitement when you are in a demanding position and you meet or exceed expectations – that thrill of coming through.

Positive stress is what gives life that zing!
That oomph!
It gives you the energy to jump in the game and go for it – take the bull by the horns and run with it.
Positive stress is that motivating factor that keeps you going.

Imagine not having stress.
Imagine living a life of boredom.
Even negative stress gets you out of the chair now and then and onto something else. Although stress gets a bad rap there are certainly benefits that keep you motivated, moving and achieving goals.

You have to Start!

Many people get ready to get ready. Maybe you would like to learn to play the piano. You research teachers in your area and maybe even call around for appointments but then you stop short of setting up your first session. Why is this? Why is it so hard to get started? It’s very simple. Fear!
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Worthy Ideal

Webster defines “ideal” as a standard of perfection, beauty or excellence; an ultimate object or aim of endeavour. A worthy ideal is more than a goal - it is that which inspires the soul to move onward and upward to a greater awareness of the sheer beauty and abundance of life - real life.
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